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Pitt On Top Of The World ... Er, Big East

After Pitt's win over Rutgers on Saturday, the headlines all seemed the same:

Pitt Rolls By Rutgers, Takes Over League Lead

Pitt Atop Big East After Beating Rutgers

Pitt Seizes Big East's Top Spot

Oh what a difference a couple of weeks makes. 

Pitt headed into conference play as a huge question mark. After a 2-3 start in which they beat absolutely nobody, there was good reason for those questions.


Guess what - the conference season is only two games old, by the way. Sure it's nice to sit back and gloat about Pitt's 'undefeated' Big East record, but the team is only 2-0. And it's also yet to play what may be the conference's top two teams in West Virginia and Cincinnati.

Speaking of those teams, it just goes to show you what can happen in a league when you've got no dominant team. WVU losing to Syracuse? At Syracuse, I might not have been at shocked, but at Morgantown on homecoming? West Virginia loses there as much as Pitt basketball loses at the Pete.

If that didn't prove the conference is wide open, nothing does.

A lot of people are making the comparison to 2004 team that went on to play Utah in the Fiesta Bowl. There were four 4-2 teams and Pitt happened to win that four-way tie to earn the conference's BCS bid, going only 8-4. Lots of fours there. Anyway, the more this season goes on, the more something like that could happen.

And while Pitt is 2-0 now, there are still plenty of chances for letdowns. Next week, Pitt will take on a Louisville team that's ready to make some noise in the league and just shut out UCONN at home. They also hung with Cincinnati before just falling short in the fourth quarter. Pitt also still has the Backyard Brawl against West Virginia and a road season-finale with Cincinnati. By the way, road games at UCONN and South Florida aren't exactly gimmes, either.

Bottom line is there's a long way to go. It's obviously best for Pitt that they've started 2-0, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.