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Nasir Robinson On Fast Track To Return?

Pitt PF Nasir Robinson had surgery yesterday and the timetable for his return was three-six weeks. Head coach Jamie Dixon seems to think he'll be back sooner rather than later.

Dixon's statement in the Post-Gazette today seemed to indicate it should be pretty close to the three weeks:

The best-case prognosis for Robinson is that he will miss the first three games of the regular season, but be ready for Pitt's Nov. 18 game against Maryland at Madison Square Garden.

Dixon was optimistic about a best-case scenario Wednesday after practice.

"It's going to be a couple of weeks," Dixon said. "I don't know how exactly long it's going to be, but guys have come back pretty quickly from this surgery. And we think that things went pretty well. We anticipate him doing some [basketball-related activities] in the not too distant future."

That would be good news for Pitt. Even though the team doesn't start its conference schedule until December, there are some tough non-conference teams before that six week deadline that Pitt will face including Maryland and either Illinoi or Texas.