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Pitt Forward Lamar Patterson Joins Injured Panthers

Pitt forward Lamar Patterson missed out on the opportunity to start today's game with a sprained ankle.

Scout reported the injury after today's exhibition game.

He sprained the ankle Saturday during practice. It didn't appear serious at first, but Patterson was sore today and couldn't play. With Gilbert Brown and Nasir Robinson out, head coach Jamie Dixon said Patterson was in line to start Sunday's exhibition game against Northwood before the injury:

"He was going to be out there starting for us today, but we had to make an adjustment at game time," Dixon said. "I don’t think (the injury is serious), but I’d have to gauge it again. Yesterday, I felt fine about it. Today, we were surprised by his reaction (to the pain)."

Talib Zanna and Travon Woodall were today's starters instead. My guess is that Woodall would have started the game on the bench had Patterson been able to go.

The good news is that he should be back for the regular season opener next Monday against Rhode Island and Scout's report says he could be back as soon as this Thursday for the second exhibition.

Still, with Brown's, Robinson's, and now Patterson's injuries, Pitt will be entering the regular season banged up.