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Former Pitt Star DeJuan Blair Struggling As Starter

San Antonio Spurs forward and former Pitt star got some good news when he was named as the team's starting power forward. But he's off to a slow start so far through two games.

Yes, it's only two games, but Blair hasn't quite been himself. He's averaging less points and only .5 more rebounds per game from his rookie 2009-10 season - this despite getting about ten more minutes of playing time per game.

What's worse is that he's a dismal 4-19 from the field (21%).

Bialr doesn't seem concerned so far:

Spurs center DeJuan Blair spent an entire summer working on his outside shot and an entire preseason getting comfortable with using it in a game.

He hopes he doesn’t have to wait an entire regular season to see one go in the basket.

Two games into his second season, Blair has made just 4 of 19 shots, with all his field goals coming inside the paint.

"I’ve been 2 for 9, 2 for 10," Blair said. "It’s just been my luck. Hopefully, something will come around. I’m praying for it."


"I’m going to shoot until I make it," he said. "I’m not really thinking. I just play."

Things will obviously turn around for Blair and two games is a blip on the radar. But he's off to a slow start so far.