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Big East Power Rankings Week Nine

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Another week, another SB Nation Big East Power Rankings. Pitt stayed at the top, but what about the rest of the conference?

My ballot for this week:

1. Pitt Panthers - Not only the sole undefeated team in conference, but has dominated all three teams its played

2. Syracuse Orange - Clearly looking like the real deal

3. Rutgers Scarlet Knights - Kind of by default

4. West Virginia Mountaineers - Second loss in a row drops them in the standings

5. Louisville Cardinals - Still unproven

6. UCONN Huskies - Win over West Virginia gives them some hope

7. South Florida Bulls - Win at Cincinnati looking less impressive

8. Cincinnati Bearcats - Blowout home loss earns the Bearcats this spot

Be sure to stop over at The UCONN blog to check out the full results.