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Will Jamie Dixon Redshirt Isaiah Epps And Cameron Wright?

Did Jamie Dixon's post-game statements after the IUP exhibition contest indicate freshmen Isaiah Epps and Cameron Wright will redshirt this season?

It already seemed as if both Epps and Wright may have been headed for redshirts, and head coach Jamie Dixon may have shown his intentions for both of them. On why Epps and Wright didn't play during Pitt's final exhibition game, Dixon said:

"It's just numbers; add 'em up," Dixon said regarding the lineup and personnel decisions. "Not everybody can play. It's just where the numbers are."

True, you can read into this and say it was only one game. But if there's ever a chance to get a feel for players, especially new ones, it's in exhibition games. The fact that neither played was yet another reason why I believe both will redshirt.

Pitt is just too deep at guard this season and, barring injuries, the team shouldn't need to rely on either. Ashton Gibbs and Brad Wanamaker will start at guard. Both are upperclassmen and should play a great deal of minutes. Travon Woodall improved as the season went on last year and he's more than a capable backup. The exhibition game also showcased the talents of SG/SF Lamar Patterson, who tied for the team lead in points with 13. He'll get into the rotation for minutes.

The team also has freshman J.J. Moore who can play SG or SF and appears to be more polished than either Epps or Wright.

Pitt should have enough depth that it doesn't need to rely on either to play this season and it would benefit the team if both took redshirts.