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Syracuse and Rutgers Losses Give Pitt Even More Breathing Room

With losses by Syracuse and Rutgers this weekend, Pitt holds two-game leads over every team in conference.

The losses by Syracuse (to Louisville) and Rutgers (to South Florida) have given Pitt a two-game lead over every team. That doesn't mean Pitt can lose two games and still win the conference, but it means that two losses still will put the team ahead of both teams because Pitt has beaten both.

What's more is that West Virginia and Cincinnati haven't yet played, meaning one of those teams will have three losses.

There are lots of variables still left, but the bottom line is that Pitt is getting to the point where it might be able to afford two losses and still be the conference champion, meaning a 7-5 Pitt team could still be BCS bound.

But like I said last week, let's hope it doesn't come to that. If you think the Big East gets no respect now, just imagine how bad it would be if something like that happened.