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The Pete Named One Of Nation's Loudest Arenas put together a list of some of the loudest arenas in college basketball. Not surprisingly, Pitt's Petersen Events Center was one of the top ten.

Pitt was the only Big East team with an arena in the top ten and came in sixth overall (must be an Insider to view):

The Panthers have lost a little more than once a year at the Pete since it opened in 2002, earning the rowdy Oakland Zoo a rep as one of the nation's top student sections. The undergrad ring around most of the court is a big advantage, but its relatively small size keeps it from being bigger still. And though acoustical panels in the ceiling bolster the PA , it's at the expense of the cheers. That knocks the Big East's lone rep down our list.

Not only is the arena one of the loudest, but it gives Pitt one of the best home court advantages in all of college basketball. The arena opened in 2002 and Pitt's lost a total of 11 times.


Sometimes I miss the field house (small and dingy as it may be), but hard to argue with these results.