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Pitt Tries To Get Healthy During Bye Week

The bye team probably couldn't have come at a better time for Pitt.

Pitt has two key players it hopes will return to action against Connecticut next week - DE Greg Romeus and FB Henry Hynoski. Both are showing some signs of improvement.

Romeus has been out since the Utah game and had back surgery afterwards. He's finally back to practice, but even with the bye week this weekend, Dave Wannstedt is uncommital about if he'll play:

"He's day to day," Wannstedt said. "We will see how he does."

Meanwhile, Hynoski hasn't been practicing since he suffered a mild concussion during Pitt's win against Louisville on Saturday. Pitt seems like it is taking its time with him:

"Henry, we're going to give him a couple days because of the concussion," Wannstedt said. "He's really bounced back very quick. I stuck my head in practice yesterday, and he was in there running the running back meeting room with the projector. He had the clicker in his hand. I don't know if that's good or bad. I thought it was a good sign."

With all the talk about concussions this year, glad to see Hynoski is taking it easy for a while. Obviously I'd like to see him get back to action soon, but his health is clearly the most important thing. You hate to say it, but his physical style of play almost makes him concussion-prone. Hopefully it's something he can steer clear of in the future.