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Greg Romeus Out Against Louisville

Even though Greg Romeus' health is much improved, it looks like he won't be suiting up against Louisville this weekend.

Dave Wannstedt confirmed that Romeus is almost ready but not quite there yet:

"He won't play this week," coach Dave Wannstedt said. "But he's getting close. Real close." Wannstedt said Romeus, who played in only one game before the surgery, is "doing real good. He's progressing right according to the schedule with the doctors. I'm very optimistic."

I've said before that Pitt should give Romeus the week off for a few reasons. Pitt is on a bye week next week, and if Romeus sits, he could have an extra week to not only get healthy, but prepare for a big Thursday night road game at UCONN. The Panthers are also doing well and with the emergence of Brandon Lindsey, there's reall no reason to rush Romeus back. Lindsey ranks 7th in the nation in sacks and Pitt can't possibly hope for much more production than that from Romeus.

I think Wannstedt is making the right call on this one. Hopefully, this will give Romeus the extra time he needs to get to 100%.