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Rich Rodriguez Fired: Not Coming To Pitt

Just like I said earlier this week - grand opening, grand closing.

And just like that, no sooner has Rich Rodriguez been fired from Michigan, he's been eliminated from conisderation for the Pitt job.

For RichRod to be hired at Pitt, there naturally had to be a firing from Michigan. Well, that officially happened today:

Michigan fired coach Rich Rodriguez Wednesday, ending a disappointing three-year tenure marred by too many losses and NCAA violations at college football's winningest program.

Athletic director Dave Brandon announced the decision after meeting with Rodriguez Tuesday and again Wednesday morning. He said the two had an "open, honest and direct exchange."

"I believe this is the best decision for the future of Michigan football," Brandon said. "We have not achieved at the level that I expect."

The next step is that there had to be interest from Pitt. Well, see, that's where ESPN's Joe Schad reports that we apparently have a problem:

Pittsburgh has begun interviews to replace former coach Mike Haywood, a source close to the search said, adding it's not expected that Rich Rodriguez will be a candidate.

Rodriguez was fired Wednesday after three seasons as Michigan's coach.

According to the source, among those who are strong candidates at Pittsburgh include Alabama associate head coach Sal Sunseri, Tulsa coach Todd Graham, Penn State defensive coordinator Tom Bradley, Wisconsin offensive coordinator Paul Chryst and former Florida defensive coordinator Teryl Austin.

I was always intrigued by the Rodriguez thing. If there was any doubt about the strength of a Pitt-West Virginia rivalry, that would blow it off the roof. But as I noted in the comments section of a post on this blog, I think intrigue is where it ends. I couldn't see Pitt ever getting past Rodriguez' reported NCAA violations - especially in light of how they just lost Mike Haywood. Pitt is no doubt looking for someone with a squeaky clean reputation and it's hard to say that Rodriguez fits that description.