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Greg Romeus Out Rest Of Season

Greg Romeus was dealt another cruel hand as news is out that he's going to miss the rest of the season.

Romeus has been on some kind of whirlwind. There were the high projections earlier this season about him being an NFL first-round pick, but almost immediately afterward, he was sidelined with a serious back injury. He lost his mother to illness this year and now, just when he was getting healthy, sustained a knee injury in last week's game. The injury was actually a torn ACL.

I wrote yesterday that news of his injury was kind of under the radar, but it looks like it was more serious than originally thought.

Dave Wannstedt says its still up in the air whether he'll need surgery or not, but also said Romeus is now working to get healthy for the NFL Draft, not Pitt's season:

"He will work to get his knee healthy and begin to prepare now for the NFL," Wannstedt said.

Of course, Wannstedt was heartbroken for the senior:

It is very painful for me to stand here and say that because there hasn't been a player since I've been here who has done everything in the right way both on and off the field, has always put this team first, has always been willing to do whatever was necessary to represent the University of Pittsburgh like Greg Romeus has. It's a tough deal. When you look back at what Greg has dealt with over the last six months, it's a shame, a real shame. The plan is that he'll get a doctor's recommendation, do what he has to do and then he'll get ready for the NFL draft."

Meanwhile, Mike Mayock, an NFL Draft analyst says this second surgery may be one that drops Romeus severely in the draft:

Romeus, of Coral Springs, Fla., was projected as a high-round draft pick, but the two surgeries will likely damage his stock, according to NFL Draft experts. The pro combine is in late February.

"It affects him on a couple different levels," said Mike Mayock, draft analyst for NFL Network. "Two surgeries in one year is a major red flag. From a pure draft angle, rarely do you find teams taking players coming off late-season surgery before the fourth round. It's hard to justify because you are probably not going to get production year one."

Wow - going from the first round to the fourth round is quite a drop. But I've got no doubt that Greg has the tools to make it in the NFL if injuries don't get in the way.