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More Lofty (And Late) Postseason Basketball Predictions For Pitt

Meant to get to these earlier, but here are some more postseason basketball predictions out there for Pitt.

Gary Parrish of CBS Sports predicts a No. 1 seed for the Panthers in the NCAA Tournament along with Duke, Michigan State, and Ohio State. He also expects Pitt to win the Big East and that the conference will have eight tournament representatives - more than any other league. On a side note, Parrish also says UConn will miss the tournament for the second straight season.

And our very own SB Nation site, Blogging the Bracket, also projects a No. 1 seed for Pitt along with Duke, Michigan State, and Kansas. The site also predicts a conference-best eight bids for the Big East.

It's early, but Pitt is getting plenty of respect.