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Week 1 Big East Basketball Power Rankings

Andrew over at The UConn Blog runs the SB Nation Big East Football Rankings. He gauged everyone's interest in putting together a basketball version and there was plenty of interest.

Check after the jump to see where Pitt ranked.

Because we're only in non-conference play, the basketball rankings are starting out as bi-weekly. Pitt came in first, receiving six out of ten first-place votes.

Here's my ballot to start the season:

1. Pittsburgh
2. Villanova
3. Syracuse
4. Georgetown
5. UConn
6. West Virginia
7. Marquette
8. Louisville
9. Seton Hall
10. Notre Dame
11. Cincinnati
12. St. John's
13. Providence
14. South Florida
15. Rutgers
16. DePaul

Check out The UConn blog for the full results.