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Nasir Robinson Returning Sooner Than Expected?

Nasir Robinson appears to be on a fast track to return after surgery.

It's actually not an extreme fast track since he was projected to be back in 3-6 weeks and Wednesday will mark three weeks since his surgery. Still, to get him back before the full six weeks would be nice.

He's already back practicing and head coach Jamie Dixon indicates he might be able to play at some point this week:

That means Pitt will be playing games on back-to-back days for the only time this season until the Big East Tournament in March. Dixon didn't rule out the possibility of Robinson playing this week, but said on Tuesday that no decision has been made.

"We have to see how he feels after contact," Dixon said. "You never know how they're going to respond. There is always the possibility of swelling once you go and exert it to another level. So we'll see how he feels.

"With any kid being out this long, you have to go day by day and see how he feels."

Pitt's in no hurry to get him back. Even if he can play against Maryland and/or Texas/Illinois, he probably won't be able to contribute a ton. But Pitt does have some depth there and Talib Zanna's been playing well. And since it's the beginning of the season, there shouldn't be any rush to get him back.