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Three Games In, Pitt's Gilbert Brown Yet To Hit His Stride

It's only been three games so far, but Pitt forward Gilbert Brown has struggled agains lesser competition.

Who knows what Brown's 2010-11 will end up like, but so far, he's having a tough time. The disappointing part is that he's struggled against some weaker competition than the team will face in the Big East.

Through Pitt's three games, Gil is only 8-29 from the field (28%) and 2-10 from three-point range. He is rebounding well (6.0 per game), but also has six turnovers through the first three games.

A closer look at the play-by-plays of each game show that he's not getting to the basket enough. Out of his 29 field goal attempts this season, 19 have been jump shots/three-point attempts. For a player with (the oft-used term) 'NBA athleticism', that's too many. He should be able to drive to the basket a bit more against weaker defenders. Gil's not the greatest shooter and is settling for too many outside shots.

The 'good' news is that he's getting to the line with 13 attempts, but he's only shooting 61% from the stripe so far.

Gil's averaging 8.6 ppg this year and while that may improve a little, I don't know if he'll have the breakout season Pitt fans were hoping for. It would have been nice to see him get up to about 15 ppg and draw some NBA attention, but the fact is that he might not improve that much.

Still, it's too early to tell.