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SB Nation Big East Power Rankings Week 12

Pitt again leads the way for SB Nation bloggers in the Big East Power Rankings. But guess what? I don't have them in first.

In fact, I was the lone blogger not to have the Panthers in first. So why the madness?

Well, to be honest, I'm still not sold on Pitt. I don't go by only conference standings, either. West Virginia has a record one game better than Pitt's. WVU also beat what is looking like a fairly good Maryland team (7-4) out of conference while Pitt beat no one out of conference.

WVU's defense is also ranked No. 4 in the nation.

Look, I'm not saying that the Mountaineers are better than Pitt. But looking objectively at the facts, it's tough for me not to rank them ahead of WVU right now.

Here are my rankings:

1. West Virginia
2. UConn
3. Pittsburgh
4. Syracuse
5. South Florida
6. Cincinnati
7. Louisville
8. Rutgers

So the next question is, what about UConn? Why do I have them below West Virginia since they actually beat West Virginia? Well, again, WVU has a better record than the Huskies. And even though UConn beat them, to say West Virginia gave that game away was a huge understatement.

Check out The UConn blog for the full breakdown on how others voted and the overall standings.