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BCS Bowl Projections - Does Pitt Make The Cut?

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With bowl season here in only a few weeks, predictions/projections are all over the place. BCS Bowl projections are surfacing and the question is, do the 'experts' see Pitt as in or out? has been projecting the bowls all season. The most current predictions by Mark Schlabach and Andrea Adelson both project Pitt in the Fiesta Bowl.

Same for (a Scout site) - they're also projecting the Panthers in the Fiesta Bowl.

Somewhat surprisingly, all three projections have Pitt playing a different Big 12 team. The Big 12 is destined for the Fiesta, so it goes to show you how wide open some think that conference is.

CBS Sports isn't on board with Pitt, though. They've got the Mountaineers in the Fiesta.

I was somewhat surprised not to see a UConn pick. UConn is next in line if West Virginia can beat Pitt and the Mountaineers still need help even if they win Friday's game. So from that perspective, WVU needs the most things to go right.