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Despite Winning Tournament, Pitt Basketball Slips In Poll

The rankings are out and while Pitt stayed the same in one poll, they inexplicably fell in another:

Pitt remained fifth in the AP Media Poll this week, but fell one spot to fifth in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll. This despite winning the 2K Sports Classic by beating a pretty good Maryland team and a ranked Texas Longhorns team. What's even more strange is that despite losing to Pitt, Texas actually moved up a spot in the same poll.

I don't complain too much about these rankings, especially the early season ones, because unlike in football, there's actually a playoff system in place. But rankings do play a part in the seedings and when stuff like this happens it does irk me a little.

Pitt was leapfrogged by Ohio State, who defeated 10th ranked Florida. True, it was a convincing 18-point victory, but Florida also struggled in a six-point win over Morehead State, so it's unknown just how good they actually are.

And if the reason OSU jumped over Pitt was about who they've beaten, why didn't Pitt jump over Duke, Michigan State, and Kansas State as the Panthers' combined wins are better than those of each of those three teams?

Am I nitpicking? Sure. But sometimes the pollsters make no sense.