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Khem Birch Officially Announced At Pitt

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Pitt officially announced Khem Birch signing an LOI, but it wasn't with much fanfare.

Even though Birch is a highly-touted recruit and generally believed to be in the top five in the nation, his news was buried a bit on the Pitt Athletics front page and not up in the main rotation of stories.

There was also no comment from Jamie Dixon in the official story. This is all kind of weird. A top recruit like this officially signs and there's nothing from the coach?

This is the kind of stuff that gets shouted at every street corner. Here is the type of player Pitt's been dying to have and his signing is but a whisper? Maybe there will be more fanfare tomorrow, but who knows. I'm guessing part of the issue is Dixon doesn't want to keep publicly answering questions about how he's going to fix the problem of being two scholarships over the limit, but those questions are going to come regardless.

Dying to know how Pitt is going to handle this situation, but either way, the 2011-12 squad is looking like it will be a heck of a team.