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Twin Phenoms Sim And Tanveer Bhullar Changing Schools

Looks like the Twin Towers, Sim and Tanveer Bhullar, are on the move. I don't do much in the way of mentioning recruits unless it's someone committing to Pitt. Somehow, following teenage kids' every move seems a bit odd. That said, I do like to make brief mentions about something fairly significant if it's related to Pitt.

The Sim Bhullar and brother, Tanveer Bhullar, have reportedly been on Pitt's radar. Sim is a 2012 class 7'4" center and Tanveer is a 7'3" 2013 center. Both were attending Kiski prep, a western PA school, but are leaving.

Younger brother Tanveer confirmed the move to the NBE Basketball Report:

Tanveer Bhullar responded to a text about heading to Huntington with "we don’t know yet, but we’re definitely done with Kiski."

The news was a shock to the coach, Daryn Freedman:

"It's a complete shock to everybody," Kiski coach Daryn Freedman said of the players' departures.


"They were doing fine. They improved a million times over since they came here," Freedman said. "They went from nothing to being highly-ranked players, especially the older two."

The other older player he refers to is Stefan Jankovic, another highly-touted player that was at Kiski.

The NBE article mentions some potential destinations for both players. Sim, according to the report, may be headed to Huntington Prep in West Virginia. It's unclear if these moves will have any effect on either potentially coming to Pitt. But West Virginia coach Bob Huggins has already reportedly been down to Huntington to check out talent and is pretty familiar with the school and coach it seems.

The good news for Pitt is that with Khem Birch coming in next season and Steven Adams slated to join Pitt in 2012, they're not terribly starved for big men.