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Bill Belton Rescinds Pitt Commitment

Taking a small break on the Mike Haywood stuff. All had been fairly quiet on the recruiting front after Dave Wannstedt stepped down. Sure Ben Kline had switched to Penn State and a few others announced they would take a wait and see approach with Pitt, but now that it looks like the Steve Pederson has decided on Mike Haywood, expect more news one way or the other.

One guy that is apparently out of the fold now is Bill Belton.

Belton previously picked Pitt over some big time schools including Florida, Oregon, Nebraska, Penn State, West Virginia, and others.

But now, with the apparent hire of Mike Haywood, Belton seems unsold on the Pitt program:

"I don’t know if they’re even going to have the same staff intact,’’ Belton said. "Basically I told (Pitt) that I was going to re-evaluate everything.

"I was worried about the staff. I was commited to Coach Wannstedt and his staff. I don’t want to go somewhere I’m not wanted or go somewhere and not be their guy. I’m going to see what’s out there, take my visits and see what happens.’’

Belton didn't technically say Pitt was completely out of the running, just that he would essentially reopen his commitment. But it sure doesn't sound good for Pitt. For him to decommit the same day as a new coach is rumored to be named without even giving the new coach and/or staff any time to talk to him makes it seem like he's really unhappy.

Pitt really could have used Belton was previously rated extremely high by Rivals, Scout, and ESPN. Whether he would have played at WR or in the secondary, he could have been an immediate impact sort of player. If this decommitment sticks, this could be a big blow to Pitt.