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Bowl Projections: Pitt's Best Destination

Give us warm weather or give us death. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Give us warm weather or give us death. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Well, we know that Pitt isn't headed to the BCS game. We also know there's next to no chance that they won't be going to the Champs Sports Bowl. That bowl will select either Notre Dame or West Virginia.

So where is Pitt's best destination?

Well, with the BCS bid gone, the Champs Sports Bowl extremely unlikely, and the Pinstripe Bowl having selected Syracuse already, that leaves:

Meineke Car Care Bowl: Bowls, for the most part, hate having the same teams back-to-back unless they get a great team or matchup. That isnt' the case here, but this is probably still the most likely destination for Pitt right now. The Car Care Bowl still gets a Pitt team that has a lot of NFL talent on it and the Panthers will get to face a decent ACC team if it gets selected here. Most people will be off on the Friday the game will be played since its New Year's Eve and New Year's is on a weekend.

BBVA Compass Bowl: Go ahead, make fun. Heck, I already have plenty of times since I heard this could be a possible destination. But this might be the best fit for Pitt. It's the next to last bowl left on January 8th and is the only game that day. It's on a Saturday, so people who want to make the trip could do it as a weekend trip. Plus, the opponent would be an SEC team ... albeit a weaker one.

St. Petersburg/Beef O'Brady's Bowl: This bowl has already selected Southern Miss as Pitt's opponent and has probably the most favorable destination of the three, St. Petersburg.

Out of pure boredom, let's rank the bowls on a point system based on key factors:


BOB = St. Pete (3)

Compass = Birmingham (2)

Car Care = Charlotte (1) (based on weather)


Car Care = Decent ACC team (3)

Compass = Lower-tier SEC team (2)

BOB = Non-BCS (1)


Compass = Next to last bowl / Jan. 8th (Saturday) (3)

Car Care = New Years Eve / Dec. 31st (Friday) (2)

BOB = Dec. 17th (Tuesday) (1)

Prestige (Who are we kidding?)

(1) all around

Accessability/Close to Home

Car Care = (3)

BOB = (2) Usually a cheaper flight than Birmingham

Compass = (1)

Final Tally

Car Care = 10 points

Compass = 9 points

BOB = 8 points

There you have it - despite the fact you may want warm weather instead, it's best for all involved that Pitt heads to Charlotte to defend its Car Care Bowl title.

I demand a recount.