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Welcome to Cardiac Hill, SB Nation Style

Don't adjust your browser, you're in the right spot.

Cardiac Hill has officially joined the SB Nation family of blogs and I think it will be a great fit. If you're a regular reader, you know that I've been writing for SB Nation Pittsburgh for several months now. Shortly thereafer, I was invited to make Cardiac Hill an official SB Nation site. I've had other thoughts of relocating my site elsewhere in the past, but I did my homework and truly believe that SB Nation is the premier blogging network out there. So if I was going to move my site anywhere, it was going to be here.

So what's going to change? Well, in a few words, very little. I'm still the author of the site and the content won't change much if at all. There will be a bit more game content and probably some added interaction with SB Nation bloggers for Q&A sessions, etc.

Also, if you're familiar with SB Nation, there are ways for you to get involved as well via FanPosts, etc. As I get more familiar with the site, I'll be posting more on some of these new features.

Lastly, the site now has a Twitter account - PittPantherBlog. I'll be using that to post periodic updates so be sure to 'follow' the site. The fairly new Facebook page is still up and operational.

I look forward to growing the site with SB Nation's tremendous resources and hope you'll stop back often.