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Pitt Football: Les Miles Could Derail Todd Graham Train

Les Miles confirmed to ESPN a short while ago that he expects to have a meeting with Michigan about their coaching vacancy.

This was expected after Rich Rodriguez was fired and Paul Zeise previously mentioned the possibility in his Post-Gazette blog. If Miles takes the Michigan job, Pitt target Todd Graham is expected to be a candidate for the then-vacant LSU job. The fact that LSU could be interested in Graham is not news, but the ESPN confirmation is the first I've seen that Miles is definitely interested in talking to Michigan.

This is the definition of coaching carousel, ladies and gentlemen.

Several Pitt fans may be hoping this delays Graham making his decision and could be a factor in him backing out if he's on a deadline to let Pitt know by today. That could all be true, but the thing is that Miles only expects to talk to Michigan. He hasn't even actually done it yet and for Graham to wait around on the LSU job might be a huge risk, if he's looking to get more money.

If Graham's plan is to wait it out, a lot needs to happen for that move to pay off. Miles has to talk to Michigan, be offered the job, decide to leave LSU, and LSU has to decide it's Graham that they want. That's a lot of 'ifs.'

The timing seems to be poor for Graham and if this was the early part of Pitt's search, it might be a lot easier on him. We'll see if this plays into his decision at all.