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College Basketball Rankings: Pitt Continues To Hover Around Top Five

The newest NCAA college basketball rankings were released today and, well, at least Pitt continues to remain around the top five.

Pitt was fourth in the AP top 25 and sixth in the ESPN/USA Today poll. Just to show you the voting chaos, seven teams received first-place votes - Pitt, Ohio State, Duke, Kansas, Texas, San Diego State, and BYU. We can go into all of the ways Pitt has been jobbed in the rankings, but, frankly, I don't have the patience. Plus, Bryan over at Pitt Script has a pretty good rundown of articles by voters who think Pitt should have gotten a better deal.

Pitt fans probably aren't happy about...

Wait a second...BYU got first-place votes? You mean the BYU in Utah?

Um, yeah.

Look, you can make an argument for any number of teams and I won't even scream too loudly about San Diego State getting a few votes. True, they don't have very many good wins, but their only loss was to a top ten team on the road.

But BYU? Well, they did beat Arizona, who's now in the top ten, and they beat the aforementioned San Diego State. They also lost to very average UCLA and New Mexico teams and beat South Florida and St. Mary's by three points. Combined.

Sorry, but that doesn't cut it. If BYU were the only team with two losses and everyone else had four or five, we could talk. But I don't see how you can make the argument for BYU over any of the big five at this point.

What's even worse is that BYU managed to get two votes.

I'm really confused.