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Pitt Basketball: All-Big East Teams Revealed

With the regular season over, the Big East announced its all-conference teams. Two Panthers made the cut.

Ashton Gibbs was named to the All-Big East first team, while Brad Wanamaker made the second.

What was interesting was that Hansbrough was the only unanimous choice for the first-team so something doesn't add up. How did someone not vote for Kemba Walker or, to a lesser degree, Marshon Brooks on the first team? Personally, I would have put both on the first team, but I could understand the logic in leaving Brooks off if team records gets into the discussion. But for Kemba to not be unanimous makes little sense.


I've also always kind of hated the idea of the Big East's teams that don't reflect an actual lineup. So when I saw the first team composed primarily of six guards (okay, well Brooks is a G/F), I kind of grimaced. Still, here are the first, second, and third teams:

Kemba Walker, Connecticut, G, Jr., 6-1, 172, Bronx, N.Y.
Austin Freeman, Georgetown, G, Sr., 6-3.5, 227, Mitchellville, Md.
*Ben Hansbrough, Notre Dame, G, Sr., 6-3, 206, Poplar  Bluff, Mo.
Ashton Gibbs, Pittsburgh, G, Jr., 6-2, 190, Scotch Plains, N.J.
Marshon Brooks, Providence, G-F, Sr., 6-5, 200, Stone Mountain, Ga. 
Dwight Hardy, St. John’s, G, Sr., 6-2, 195, Bronx, N.Y.
Preston Knowles, Louisville, G, 6-1, 190, Winchester, Ky.
Darius Johnson-Odom, Marquette, G, Jr., 6-2, 215, Raleigh, N.C.
Brad Wanamaker, Pittsburgh, G, Sr., 6-4, 210, Philadelphia, Pa.
Rick Jackson, Syracuse, F, Sr., 6-9, 240, Philadelphia, Pa.
Corey Fisher, Villanova, G, Sr., 6-1, 200, Bronx, N.Y.
Chris Wright, Georgetown, G, Sr., 6-1, 208, Washington, D.C.
Tim Abromaitis, Notre Dame, F, Sr., 6-8, 235, Unionville, Ct.
Jeremy Hazell, Seton Hall, G, Sr., 6-5, 188, Bronx, N.Y.
Kris Joseph, Syracuse, F, Jr., 6-7, 207, Montreal, Quebec
Corey Stokes, Villanova, G, Sr., 6-5, 220, Bayonne, N.J.