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2011 NFL Draft: Jason Pinkston To Browns In Fifth Round

Jason Pinkston was the fourth Pitt player selected and like teammate Jabaal Sheard, is headed to the Cleveland Browns. Pinkston was taken one pick after Dion Lewis in the fifth round.

The Browns were high enough on him that they traded up to get him. I was a bit surprised he lasted that long. Like this site, I was expecting him to go higher. Maybe not the second round but probably the 3rd or 4th.

Pinkston is a good talent, but he lacks the traditional height and athleticism of a left tackle in the NFL. It remains to be seen if he is a better fit at right tackle or at guard at the next level. Since he is not a left tackle, he will not likely be a first round selection, but he should be gone by the end of the second round.

Getting him in the fifth, I think the Browns got a pretty good steal ... probably why they were willing to move up to make the selection.

There's been quite a bit of talk about Pinkston's position - would he play guard or tackle? Apparently, it's going to be guard:

The Browns traded back into Round Five, sending a pair of sixth-round picks to Minnesota, to draft Pittsburgh OG-OT Jason Pinkston, who will start out at guard, head coach Pat Shurmur said Saturday. Pinkston (6-3 3/8, 300) could have a better shot contributing at right guard, where second-year pro Shawn Lauvao could have the edge to start but is not a cinch to win the job.

After his selection, he said his shoulder injury is no more. He also talked about the prospect of blocking fellow draftee Jabaal Sheard in practice again:

"Both of my shoulders were cleared. I did not have to go back out to the combine for another evaluation. I benched at Pro Day and I did 22 reps so my shoulders are fine and cool."


(On going up against teammate and fellow Browns draft pick Jabaal Sheard in practice) — "I did block Jabaal sometimes. I had some pretty good battles with him. He’s a great player and I can’t wait to keep working with him and transition to another team with Jabaal."

Okay, might as well get this out of the way, too. Like many Panthers, Pinkston is a Steelers fan. Well, make that, was a Steelers fan:

Pinkston said: "I love football … it’s my life."

His hometown is Pittsburgh. He was a Steelers fan.

"I love ‘em," he said, present-tense, "but it’s on to business now, and my new home is Cleveland."

Ah, so what to do with all that Steelers gear he's had:

He grew up in Pittsburgh as a Steelers fan and said he’ll donate his memorabilia to Goodwill.

Hmm....could be a Rich Rod situation.