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2011 Bowl Schedule: Another Reminder Of How Bad Big East Has It

I don't want to turn this into another post about how bad the Big East's bowl situation is. Sorry, but I've never bought into the fact that the Pinstripe Bowl is supposed to be a prestigious bowl (though, as it's in New York, it does make sense for the league with Syracuse and Rutgers) and I always disagreed with the notion that somehow the Champs Sports Bowl is better than the Gator Bowl. I've been mentioning it ad nauseum since the birth of this site about three years ago and if you want my thoughts, feel free to search the archives.

Basically, well, the lineup isn't very good. The conference's best bowl is the Champs Sports Bowl and aside from a BCS bowl, the league has no New Years Day or even New Years Eve Bowl. Such is life in a poor BCS conference. TCU's addition should help that, obviously, but we're a little while away from that and the potential for any new bowl tie-ins.

So here we sit, with the status quo - and it' ain't very pretty.

That said, the bowl dates/times for the 2011-12 bowl season have been released. One note is that the Belk Bowl has replaced the Car Care Bowl. The Belk Bowl is being played in Charlotte as the Car Care Bowl previously was. Meineke has moved on to sponsor a new Car Care Bowl and as a result, the Big East gets Belk. Who or what a Belk is, I'm not entirely sure.

Big East Coast Bias has the full rundown.