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Lesean McCoy In Verbal Battle With Osi Umenyiora

This whole thing is getting too good. Not being a huge fan of Twitter, I missed some of the early part of the growing fued between former Pitt star Lesean McCoy and New York Giants lineman Osi Umenyiora. But the fued is gaining steam and it's actually turning into something pretty amusing - considering both play in the same division and as offensive/defensive players, will run into each other quite a bit.

In case you missed it, Shady lobbed the first shot via Twitter that Osi was'overrated n soft.'

That, as expected, didn't sit too well with ol' Osi, who has since gone all Donald Trump vs. Rosie O'Donnell on Shady:

Umenyiora referred the Eagles running back as "Lady Gaga" and "she" one day after McCoy tweeted that the Giants defensive end is "soft" and "overrated" and the third best defensive lineman on the Giants.

"I refer to him as she because that is something that a woman would do," Umenyiora told by telephone on Friday. "You can sit over there and be a Twitter gangster all you want to but on the football field is where you are supposed to address these types of things."

But Umenyiora was just getting started and apparently the two haven't liked each other for a while.

Osi added:

"I have always referred to him as that because he is woman," Umenyiora explained. "We have a lot of animosity toward each other personally and on the football field is where I thought it was left. But he has decided to take it off the football field and say some things that I just have no respect for."

"Whenever a guy like an Andy Reid or a Michael Vick or a Jason Peters, whenever they come out and say some things like that, that might hurt me," Umenyiora added. "But a guy like LeSean McCoy, he's a nobody. He just needs to be quiet."

Oh yeah, and this, too:

"That little Chihuahua or poodle in the backfield; he doesn’t have to block me," Umenyiora said. "If you have something to say, say it man to man; you can't be a Twitter gangster. That's easy to do, trying to be a tough guy. Say it to my face, and we'll see what happens."

Seriously, though - for Shady to call someone out on Twitter for being soft just sounds like an immature thing to do. And for Osi to react the way he did ... well, I think almost anyone else in that situation would have.

But the bigger issue is, of course, that this is all hilarious. That's all I got. Even people who aren't fans of either team will be paying a little more attention to those Division games.