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Pitt Basketball Recruiting: Khem Birch Has Another Solid Effort In Final Postseason Tournament

Pitt recruit Khem Birch had another solid effort this weekend at the Mary Kline Classic - his final postseason tournament before enrolling in college. The game wrapped up a successful Spring for Birch, who played in several games.

Birch had 12 points and 13 rebounds in the game, which was created by Alex Kline in honor of his mother, who died of cancer. He was glad to not only have a good game, but play in a worthwhile event:

"I did this for Alex and mom, so I’m glad that I’m here," Birch said. "I wanted to come out and support him and help him."

Pitt recruit John Johnson also played in the game and added ten points.

That game was part of a strong postseason for Birch. John Grupp of the Trib-Review says Birch averaged 14 points, ten rebounds, and five blocks in his three postseason games, but he forgot to include his performances in the iS8 Nike tournament last week.