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2011 NBA Draft: Brad Wanamaker Heading To Spurs And Hawks Mini-Camps; Gary McGhee Unsure

So we know that Gilbert Brown has plans to either play overseas or maybe head to the Celtics once the NBA lockout begins/ends. But Brad Wanamaker also reportedly has some plans as well. says that Wanamaker is headed to the San Antonio Spurs' minicamp this week. The site lauds Wanamaker as a defensive player. He'll be pretty busy, though, as he'll also be going to the Hawks' minicamp as well.

Meanwhile, Gary McGhee's plans sound a bit more unsure.

McGhee has been laying a bit lower and after going undrafted, doesn't appear to have quite as much lined up.

Still, he's ready for the challenge:

"I should have known I would have to take the tough route ... since that is the one I always take ... I’m (going to) keep grinding," McGhee said in a tweet.

Gotta love the attitude. In all seriousness, if anyone can fight against the odds to get to the NBA, it's McGhee. And even though things are a bit less sure for him, he knows he'll end up somewhere:

"A lot of places have interest in me to come over and play for them," McGhee said Thursday on "Not 4 Print" The Herald Bulletin’s weekly radio show on WHBU 1240 AM. "If the NBA doesn’t work out, that’s my backup option and that’s not a bad deal to have that. Hopefully (a) lockout won’t last too long and everybody can get back to what they do best and that’s play basketball. If the lockout is a long one, I’ll probably try to get a deal overseas. I’ll just have to play it day-by-day."