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Welcome To One Foot Down

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Meant to get to this earlier, but SB Nation has welcomed a new Notre Dame blog to the fold. The old Rakes of Mallow is no more - say hello to One Foot Down (not to be confused with that awful band Three Doors Down).

Just in time for their welcome, the good folks over there have a series of posts up about stadiums of Notre Dame road opponents. Yesterday featured Heinz Field and a look at the history of Pitt-Notre Dame.

My favorite memories? Well, they're both fairly recent.

The last game at Pitt Stadium in 1999 is probably at the top. Pitt was a miserable 5-6 (actually not all that miserable compared to the 2-9 nightmare the season before), but still sent Pitt Stadium out in style, winning 37-27.

The other was in 2004 when Pitt went on the road to beat a top 25 ranked Irish team on their way to the BCS. So many things to remember about that game - Palko's record five touchdowns (first QB to throw for five against Notre Dame), tight end Erik Gill rumbling over Irish defenders, Palko's post-game interview - what a game.

Head on over and drop in.