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Former Pitt Lineman John Malecki Signs With Pittsburgh Steelers

John Malecki's had a hard time sticking in the NFL, but recently signed with the hometown Pittsburgh Steelers as a free agent. In particular, he's replacing Dorian Brooks on the practice squad. While the signing is mentioned on the Steelers' official site, it's via only a Twitter post through Steelers Digest.

Malecki is clearly very familiar with the role of a practice squad player. After going undrafted, he signed with the Tennessee Titans and then later on with the Cleveland Browns in 2010 after being cut.

He was a serviceable lineman at Pitt so it's no wonder that he's at least hanging on as a practice squad player. Malecki never made it in the news much (something you obviously want from your offensive linemen), but I do vaguely remember calling him out for a dumb penalty in a game against Rutgers a couple of years ago near the beginning of this blog's life.