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So, Who's This New Kid In Town...

That's me, top left hand corner.  My head is covering the "t's" in "Let's" and "Go" is to the right of my head.  Doing what I do best, getting loud in the Oakland Zoo.  (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
That's me, top left hand corner. My head is covering the "t's" in "Let's" and "Go" is to the right of my head. Doing what I do best, getting loud in the Oakland Zoo. (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Hello world! As you may have already noticed, I have been posting some stories on the website for the past week. Anson has been kind enough to add me to the Cardiac Hill team and I am very grateful for it! I started reading stories on Cardiac Hill a little over a year ago and even wrote a few fan pages and commented on some things, but a week or so ago I decided to take my contributions to the site a step further.

Growing up in Monongahela, PA in the heart of WPIAL Sports (Ringgold High School AKA Joe Montana's high school), I have always been in love with the games. I played basketball, baseball, and football sporadically through high school, only to find that I wasn't exactly gifted with the abilities to take my game to the next level. Instead I focused on school and my grades which landed me at the University of Pittsburgh. I am now a sophomore and an English Writing - Nonfiction major. I am hoping to further my career in the sports writing field and make my living from it.

Enough of the boring stuff, though, let's talk about me a little bit. Well first of all, I love Pitt sports. My love for the Panthers started with Brandin Knight leading our team to a Big East Tournament Championship in the 2002-2003 season. I didn't really come from a very sports-oriented family - they loved the Steelers and the Penguins but never really had any affiliation to a university. My neighbor back then was a year younger than myself and his family was full of Pitt fans, so I was drawn to it from day one.

To this day when Brandin Knight walks on to the floor at the Peterson Events Center, it signifies the beginning of what might ultimately have been my interest in sports writing. I fell in love with March Madness, recruiting, the development of players, and the game itself. I was in 5th grade watching every single Pitt Basketball game on television from start to finish and I remember watching my Panthers play Pacific in the NCAA Tournament in my middle school classroom. We lost that game and I nearly teared up in front of all my classmates. I remember losing to Villanova in 2009 and that time I really did cry.

Pitt sports have been my life for the past ten years or so, following every game, every player, every minute of the season. I would love to argue with my friends about which teams were better and why. I didn't know it then, but that is what really molded me in to the sports fanatic that I am now.

Now, at 19 and trying to build a resume for later in life, I have been blogging about Pitt for a few months now. I really do love when I get feedback about my work and it really builds confidence when the feedback is positive. Writing will always be my favorite aspect of the sports media, but I am also very interested in radio. Radio, to me, is the original outlet for sports news and always will be. I listen to 93.7 The Fan walking to class and back every day and I would love to work as a host at some point in my life.

Every aspect of sports excites me like nothing else does. It truly is what I live for and I hope that my time here at Cardiac Hill will help me along in my career. I also hope that you, the readers, enjoy my insight on Pitt. I am aiming to have a very opinionated voice on this site, hoping to encourage conversation and arguments in the comment sections.

Again I would like to thank Anson for allowing me to contribute and be a part of what is, in my opinion, the best Pitt blog on the internet. Make sure you keep a look out for my articles and give me some feedback if you can. Thanks guys, keep reading, and most of all, Hail to Pitt!

P.S. I am interested in getting a podcast together for the site. Haven't really done anything for it yet, just want to see if anyone would be interested in listening to it. I plan to do this weekly and if it becomes more popular, I would consider doing it more often. I am going to put a poll at the bottom of this article asking if you would tune in. The podcast is free to listen to and can be very interesting once it gets going. There will be opportunities to possibly bring in some special guests and things like that as the process advances. Thanks again!