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Smashmouth Football?

Sports Illustrated had an article up recently about the most pressing questions for each team.

The question for Pitt? Can Paul Chryst bring his smashmouth style of football to the Panthers?

SI focuses on Pitt's running game and with a questionable passing offense, that's to be expected.

Chryst is well known for his rushing offenses, including this year's monster season with Montee Ball in the backfield. Part of me wants to lessen expectations with a fairly weak offensive line, but with Ray Graham, it's hard for me to believe that the rushing attack won't be above average.

I still don't know what to make of incoming freshman Rushel Shell. I think he'll get his share of carries, but Graham is the man in my eyes. Either way, though, the two should give Pitt at least a good ground game. The success of the running backs will also be tied to the quarterback, presumably Tino Sunseri. If Sunseri isn't able to keep defenses honest, teams will stack eight in the box and make it difficult for Graham and Shell to find yards.

Chryst is used to having better offensive lines to work with, but he has some major talent to work with at running back.

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