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Hail To Links! The "Design Your Own Big East Logo" Edition


The BIG EAST conference has gone through many changes over the last decade, from an east coast conference, to Chicago and Milwaukee, and now to Idaho, Texas, and California. Wouldn't it be great if they had a logo that better suited the new conference membership? Well, now they can. So check out the details on how to create your own BIG EAST logo, what Pitt's injury list currently looks like, an update on yesterday's Michigan/Oklahoma t-shirt incident, and more...after the jump.

Getting healthy. The Panthers injury list is starting to shrink, and right in the nick of time.

Seeing through the BS. After making claims of a "high octane" offense, Arizona State selected RS sophomore QB Taylor Kelly, a game managing QB, as their starter. He was chosen over highly touted, dual threat QB Michael Eubank (who Graham recruited at Pitt but lost to ASU). Let the fun begin.

Score one for the Michigan AD. Yesterday, we talked about a 5 year old who raised some controversy by wearing a non-Oklahoma college t-shirt to class...which is against the school's dress code. Today, the Michigan AD fires back at the school district.

Some people take high school football too seriously. A Florida high school PA announcer was relieved of his duties after someone at his school spotted him sitting in the stands of their rival school's playoff game.

Photoshop Contest! It was mentioned yesterday by new BIG EAST commish Mike Aresco that the conference may be looking for a new logo that would tie in all geographic areas. Your mission, Panther fans, is to submit your ideas (and photoshops) in the comments below. It's not really a contest, just a chance at some good fun!

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