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College Football Heisman Projections: From Questionable To Ridiculous

(Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Getty Images

CBS Sports is churning out a lot of content that we've linked to lately. Much of it filler, which is fine - in the offseason, there's not much else to talk about.

But the their latest look at freshman Heisman contenders...really? Finding his way onto the list was Pitt freshman Rushel Shell.

Now, the author is quick to point out that none of these guys can win. Rather, it's a look at who can make an impact on the final vote's tally.

Here's their look at Shell:

Rushel Shell, RB, Pittsburgh -- The Panthers have one of the most underrated tailback traditions in college football. From Tony Dorsett, to Craig 'Ironhead' Heyward to Curtis Martin to LeSean McCoy and Dion Lewis, Pitt churns out backs with the best of them. Shell, the state of Pennsylvania's all-time leading prep rusher, may be the next in that line. At 6-foot-0 and 215 pounds, he's a bruising runner with quick feet, good vision and excellent speed for his size. While senior Ray Graham returns for the Panthers, he is coming off a knee injury suffered last year and may not be 100 percent when the season starts. As a result, Shell has a chance to contribute right away.

I see where they're going here in that he should get playing time, but, come on. How anyone can pick any freshman to get Heisman votes in something so utterly dominated by upperclassmen is bordering on preposterous. Yeah, it's happened before, but it's so rare no significant analysis can even be offered.

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