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The Morning After: Weekly Pitt link dump / "You Can't Catch Me" (Chuck Berry)


Chuck Berry - You Can't Catch Me (Rock Rock Rock 1956) (via John1948ThreeA)

Rough weekend for Pitt after the Marquette loss. Still, that won't stop the weekly link dump. I even got off my lazy butt to find a music video worthy of your perusal. This week, we've got a live version of Chuck Berry doing "You Can't Catch Me."

Below are links from last week that we didn't get around to:

CBS Sports says Pitt-Cincinnati is one of the top 30 conference games to watch

New recruit Tyler Boyd is ready for success at Pitt

Atlantic Coast Convos is rating the top 25 ACC players (including Pitt) from 2012 and Aaron Donald made the cut at #25

Pitt has had some good practices recently says Pitt had the worst bowl performance in the Big East ...

However, three Panthers made the conference's All Bowl Team

ACC Football Rx looks at the conference's 'Worst case scenario'

Pitt Blather looks at Tino Sunseri's legacy

Here are the conference results for the bowl season

Big East meetings were held this weekend

The women's basketball team lost their 15th straight Big East game this weekend

Wrestler Matt Wilps is having a great season

The swimming and diving team beat West Virginia to improve to 3-2

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