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Pitt spring game details announced

The Spring Game will be at Bethel Park High School on April 12th. The game will be at night.

Jared Wickerham

Pitt may have just wrapped up the 2013 recruiting class, but are already working on getting the 2014 class ready.

The spring game will be played on Friday, April 12th, and like last season, will be played at a local high school. Last season was at North Hills High School. This year, Pitt heads to Bethel Park, which just happens to be the high school that highly touted offensive line prospect Mike Grimm attends. Good move, Pitt. Good move indeed.

I doubt that Grimm attending Bethel Park had any affect on the decision, but I really like the idea of continuing to visit local high schools and playing the spring game there. Considering that each game at Heinz Field since I've been at Pitt was played on rainy days in front of near empty stadiums, going out into the community can only help improve Pitt's relations with area high schools. With the number of highly touted prospects coming out of the WPIAL in the next few years, these relationships are going to go a long way in help securing commitments from these top guys.