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Houston Texans (finally) select Pitt quarterback Tom Savage in fourth round of NFL Draft

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The stock of Pitt quarterback Tom Savage rose considerably over the past couple of months. There was even talk of him as a potential first-rounder, even though I didn't necessarily see it. That didn't happen, and the Houston Texans, a team that was rumored to be interested in with the first pick of the second round passed on him as well in both that round and the third.

Savage sat and sat (and sat some more), though, and was around long enough to finally be taken by those Texans in the fourth round on Saturday.

As I wrote yesterday, part of Savage's fall was because of what happened to Johnny Manziel in a way. Manziel sliding in the first round left guys like Derek Carr and Teddy Bridgewater on the board later than expected. But more so than not, this was really just a matter of being hyped too much. His stock seemed to rise - maybe in part due to all of the teams that met with him beforehand. But in the end, none were serious enough to take him early.

The PG's Sam Werner also made a solid point on Twitter earlier in the fourth round in that quarterbacks, in general, just weren't being taken. It's not as if Savage was passed up by a ton of passers - teams just were going for value at other positions. Jimmy Garoppolo went on Day 2 to the Patriots and then Logan Thomas was surprisingly picked ahead of Savage, but overall, the Pitt quarterback was still taken ahead of a lot of quarterbacks.

More on Savage a bit later. For now, be sure to view our NFL Draft page here.

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