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(Don't) Bet the Farm: Pitt vs. Notre Dame Predictions

The staff makes their pick for Pitt's biggest home game of the year.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Welp, last week didn't go how all of us at Cardiac Hill planned. We were unanimously for Pitt, and unanimously all earned a loss in our predictions as the Panthers did.

All of Pitt's weaknesses seemed to combine in the loss last Thursday, and hopefully they'll have corrected most of them in the extra time off. Pitt looked tired, so hopefully some rest was earned as well.

Having said that, all of us went with Notre Dame this week. To be completely clear, I think Pitt very much has a chance to win this game. It's the most "rivalry" game Pitt has any more in that you usually can throw out the records when these two teams play. I mean, a team that lost to Youngstown State was some bad officiating and a bad field goal away from keeping Notre Dame out of the national championship game in 2012. This year, Pitt has a shot to keep them out of the playoff. Having said all that, this Notre Dame team is pretty darn good. Their only loss is by two points on the road in a monsoon to Clemson. They've looked vulnerable in other games to be sure, but they've played well overall. Pitt has nothing to lose in this game. It's not a conference game, and it's Notre Dame who has to win to keep their playoff hopes alive. Pitt just needs to stay loose and stick to their gameplan.

As I said, we're taking ND, but I think all of us would not be surprised if Pitt took it too. Either way, it should be a pretty awesome environment tomorrow afternoon with a packed house full of fans, recruits, and former Panthers.

Anson - ND (7-1)

Aron - ND (7-1)

Stephen - ND (7-1)

Chris - ND (6-2)

JD - ND (6-2)

Jim - ND  (5-3)