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Pitt Commits and Targets Blow Up Pitt Twitter

We're not sure what it was, but it was awesome.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Pitt coaches were traveling all over visiting many of Pitt's current commits as well as their targets for the 2016 class. Miles Sanders, Damar Hamlin, and a few others got in home visits from the coaches which was good news in itself.

However, right around 10:45 pm, something weird starting happening. 
Pretty much every 2016/2017 recruit or target that Pitt is in on start tweeting something pro Pitt.

Think of a high profile 2016 or 2017 guy Pitt is after. They probably tweeted something Pitt related.

Damar Hamlin? Yup (Multiple times)

Miles Sanders? Yup

Lamont Wade? Yup

Khaleke Hudson? Yup

Rob Hainsey? Yup

Fred Hansard? Yup

And then the head don himself got it going.

Even a Penn State fan twitter account got on it (No, we don't get it either)

It was basically as Chris Peak of Pantherlair called it, a Twitter flash mob. There were many many more recruits that did it. The ones listed here were only a sample (you can find more here.) Now, I don't know who specifically came up with the idea, but it's very clear 2017 Pitt commit Paris Ford had a huge part in it. When he committed, every one close to him said he would recruit hard for Pitt and it's been 100% true. 

Now, I don't expect anything like a major commitment or anything like that to happen because of this. However, this was a really fun and original idea to get Pitt on the minds of recruits, and show them how nuts Pitt fans can go over this kind of stuff. Some of the recruits embellished a little more posting a lot more pro Pitt tweets, but I think they were just having a little fun with it.

Twitter can be a really powerful tool, and Narduzzi and his staff has shown they know how to use it to their advantage.

You do have to wonder what other coaches after these kids must have thought reading all this...