Featured Fanpost: Hail to the Best W-L Record in the Coastal Since 2014!

I saw a stat Wednesday which shocked me, to be honest. It's number of ACC conference wins since the 2014 expansion for each ACC Coastal team. Want to see it?

Team W L
Pitt 23 15
Miami 22 17
Virginia Tech 21 18
Georgia Tech 19 21
North Carolina 19 21
Duke 16 22
Virginia 14 24

Raise your hand if you knew Pitt had the best W-L record in the Coastal since 2014. I was blown away! First, that Miami has one more win that Virginia Tech, but even more so that Pitt has more wins than either of them - and four more wins than Georgia Tech!

BOTTOM LINE: Pitt is a football school, and if they go on to win the Coastal division this year...