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Big East Expansion: Villanova Still A While Away On Decision

Been a while since I mentioned Big East Expansion here. With the addition of TCU it seemed like Villanova's decision to join the Big East was right around the corner. That apparently wasn't so.

Fanhouse reports that the Villanova President sent a letter to fans and alumni and it appears a decision won't be made until April:

Obviously it's important that they take their time to make the right move. And it seems like they're not interested in making a rush decision to appease the Big East. For them, it's best they take their time. To outsiders, it might seem like an easy choice. More money, more prestige. But as the letter points out, there are lots of variables and things the university needs to make sure it can do.

I think in the end, this will happen. Sure, there are costs involved - costs to improve practice facilities and operational costs, as the letter points out. But the reward is potentially too great. This may be Villanova's best shot to get into the Big East and I don't expect them to turn it down.