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Lesean McCoy Tops 1,000 Yards

Former Pitt star Shady McCoy went over 1,000 yards with his 64-yard effort against the Giants on Sunday. I don't do too much NFL stuff here, but this is another great example of a Pitt grad excelling in the pros.

Pitt not only gets guys to the pros, but many of them do exceedingly well once there. Think of the Pitt guys in the NFL - Larry Fitzgerald, one of the league's top receviers. Shady, 1,000 yard rusher. Darrelle Revis, one of the league's best defenders. Plus, the team has lots of guys starting in the league.

Unfortunately for Pitt, those players haven't led the college team to much success in recent years. Still, that type of stuff is what many recruits want to hear and that should help Pitt for years to come.

The Panthers' 278 career pros are good for ninth all-time and its seven Hall of Famers is third all-time.