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College Basketball Rankings: Pitt Slides To Fourth

Pitt slid two spots after losing at home to Notre Dame this past week. Typically, that's not a bad drop, but it's the team in front of Pitt that is pretty interesting.

As Bryan at Pitt Script points out, arguing over this type of stuff is kind of silly.

Still, I'm bored, so indulge me.

Pitt came out fourth in both polls this week, but somehow, voters placed Texas third, one spot ahead of the Panthers.

Sure Pitt lost this week while Texas has won its past seven in a row, beating several ranked teams along the way. But let's examine the facts.

Pitt has one fewer loss, beat UConn (who Texas lost to), and actually beat Texas head to head. Yes that win was by a mere basket, but I'd be hard pressed to put Texas ahead of Pitt if I were voting.

But like I said, this type of stuff isn't worth arguing over. Even if you are concerned this might cost Pitt drop in seed in the tournament (which is so far off, it's not even worth considering), I have a hard time believing the committee wouldn't slot Pitt ahead of Texas. They look at these things far closer than many voters in the polls do.

Just found it weird, that's all.