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Pitt Basketball: Ashton Gibbs Falls To St. John's, 60-59

Well, Ashton Gibbs finally did something to prove he wasn't Superman. Today, despite playing a great game, he lost to St. John's on the road in a tough loss.

Gibbs put up a career-high 26 points, but in the end, it simply wasn't enough to stop an entire team.

The junior shooting guard almost had enough, though. He repeatedly drained three-pointers (he had six to St. John's three) and showed Panther fans that he's ready to make a deep run in the NCAAs. Gibbs hit 57% of his shots from the field and was the game's leading scorer. The Red Storm had no answer for him and looked helpless in trying to shut him down.

But leading by one late in the game, Gibbs learned that one-on-five is a tough gig. He ultimately couldn't prevent the Red Storm's Dwight Hardy from scoring on a last-second layup. Covering five people at once proved too difficult and Hardy took advantage.

Gibbs played well, but will need to do much better to win in the Big East. Shooting nearly 60% from the field is all well and good, but there's no reason at all to not make every single shot. Gibbs knows what it takes to win in the conference and I expect we'll see a much better effort from him the next time around.

It's back to the drawing board for Ashton and on Thursday, he'll go up against West Virginia.

Maybe he'll get some help this time around.