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Pitt Basketball: UNC Asheville Vs. Arkansas-Little Rock

Face it, you may have heard of UNC Asheville and Arkansas-Little Rock, but how much do you actually know about them?

Here are a few facts as well as who you should be rooting for on Tuesday.

Arkansas-Little Rock, 19-16, almost wasn't in the NCAAs. Down by two with a few seconds remaining, guard Solomon Bozeman hit a three-pointer to win the conference tournament finale, 64-63 over North Texas. Bozeman has come up big all season and is the team's only scorer that averages more than nine points per game. The Trojans really have no quality wins out of conference, but do have a very experienced team - 10 of their 13 players are juniors or seniors.

UNC Asheville, on the other hand was 19-13. They don't have very many good wins out of conference as well, but they did have somewhat respectable losses on the road against North Carolina (losing by 11) and Georgetown (losing by 15). The Bulldogs also beat BCS school Auburn on the road in their season opener and won their conference tournament fairly easily, beating 28-5 Coastal Carolina in the final, 60-47. UNC Asheville starts three junior guards in Matt Dickey, J.P. Primm, and Chris Stephenson. The trio doesn't shoot lights out from the field (combined 42.5%), but they do average about 40 points per game.

Pitt should, of course, win either game. But if I had my choice, I'd take Arkansas-Little Rock.