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Pitt Football: Mark Myers, The ... Kicker?

This was a small note in the Post-Gazette today, but was too craptastic for me not to mention.

Apparently third-string quarterback Mark Myers is finding something to keep himself busy while backing up Tino Sunseri and Trey Anderson - by punting.

That's right, Myers is now the team's backup punter:

Backup quarterback Mark Myers has added a new duty -- backup punter. Graham said he is very good.

"He is really punting the ball good," Graham said. "I'm excited by that because it gives us little bit different dimension, having a quarterback back there, so we have some competition there.

First, I'll give Myers credit for helping out wherever necessary ... though I can't imagine he's too happy about this. But it got me thinking - who was Pitt's backup before this? Was it Myers? A quick look at the roster on SB Nation shows starter Matt Yoklic as the only punter on the team.

As for having a 'different dimension', I'm guessing that means Myers could be used to fake a punt and throw instead. But for that to work, opposing teams would really need to not notice that Myers is back there instead of Yoklic. Otherwise, if Myers is back there, you'd have to look for the pass.